Similar to buying a house or condo, once you have found the right land. You’ll make an offer through your local real estate agent. When the initial terms (price and timing) are agreed upon, you’ll use the services of a legal office to do the due diligence of that property, draft a "Promise of sale" and "Deed of sale”. If all is in order you will sign the “Deed of sale”. From the time of that final signature, it will take approximately one month to transfer the title of ownership to your name.

In the case, you want to build a house on that land you can with the help of a local architect office. You can ask your real estate to recommend reputable architects. Here are the main steps that will occur:

Sum up and share your requirements and vision to one (or several) architects asking for initial quotations. It is good to request quotes from at least 2 different architects. Once you’ve reviewed the quotes and decided on who will build your house, you’ll sign a binding contract outlying the agreed terms, responsibilities, and eventual penalties in case of non-compliance.

All this process with the architect can be done while purchasing the land. Once the "Deed of sale” is signed (and during the transfer of the title) the architect will send the final floor plans and specifications of your future house to the corresponding authorities. You’ll be asked to cover these costs in order to obtain the permit for construction.

This process takes about 3 months. And we wait. Once authorized to build, the construction can start, not before. At that time you’ll be asked to pay an agreed % of the total costs of construction. Usually around 30% of the total costs. The remaining payments will often be spread into 2 to 4 additional payments until the completion of the construction. You won’t (and never should) have to pay the next installments until every part of the previous payment is delivered as agreed.

Here is more information about building a home in Las Terrenas.