Basically, you can make sure a property is safe to purchase thanks to 2 intermediaries. A real estate agency and a legal office. When and if you live in the Dominican Republic and personally know the sellers, you could not deem it necessary to use the services of a local real estate agency.

That being said, the fastest way to make sure that the property for sale is safe to buy is to seek the advice of a good local real estate agency. They will take the preliminary steps to ensure that the property is in order. A professional will also make sure that surveys and titles are up to date and correct.

The best way to make sure that the purchase of the property runs smoothly is to secure the services of a reliable legal representative. The real estate agent will advise you of a legal office that will take care of the due diligence.

They will require all of the documents from the sellers or their attorney, including a copy of the seller’s identification card or a copy of his/her passport, a copy of the Certificate of Title, copy of the tax payment receipts which are issued by the Internal Revenue Office, and a copy of the original survey or plot plan from the property.

In case the sellers originally bought the property as a condominium or the sellers are a corporation, additional documents will be requested.