A “Deslinde” is a title of ownership or “Certificate of title" defining the borders of a property and its rightful owners. And no, you cannot buy rightfully a property without a clear “Deslinde”.

It also certifies that the property was surveyed (with GPS points) and that all of its boundaries and lines were defined from the original title. During that process, anyone can claim ownership of that delimited area. A bleu “Deslinde” means that all is in order. That document is issued right after the property gets approved, it is cleared.

Thanks to the recent updates to the Dominican Republic's Property Registry Law, all real estate sales and purchases must have a clear "Certificate of Title" to be recorded at the Property Registry.

Before this law was passed by the Dominican Republic government, it was not guaranteed that the seller owns the property free and clear. Properties could be sold and bought before prior to this law, but the whole responsibility of having a Clear Title Certificate was left to the buyers.

This new law requires that the property needs to have a clear "Certificate of title" before the sale. It is up to the legal representative of the buyers to see if the property they are planning to purchase has a clear "Certificate of Title".

Dominican Republic’s Property Registry Law makes it clear that a property purchase cannot be complete and recorded at the Property Registry without having a “Deslinde” together with a clear “Certificate of Title”.